A daily WorkPad provides access to a designated work area in a shared common room, working side-by-side with other WeCreate members. Complimentary Organic Beverages & Wi-Fi.


    A Private Office Work Space designated as per seating capacity. Studios can be personalised with unfurnished and furnished options. Additional facilities like dedicated Voice line plus Wired Data pipe for server stack options are available for Studios, including Complimentary Organic Beverages & Wi-Fi.


    The WeCreate Meeting Space is our conference room, training room and party space. The Meeting Spaces are provided with conference room equipment together with complimentary Organic Beverages and Wi-Fi.


    At WeCreate we like to make everything easy and cashless for our members. We have streamlined payments, invoices and a billing system to be completely online and seamless. Once Credits are purchased, members can use the credit for instant purchases of any services.


    WeCreate organises and host events to engage, educate and enhance our membership community. Monthly events will be held at WeCreate inviting resources and dignitaries that will help our community flourish in the competitive world

  • WI-FI

    WeCreate offers complimentary Wi-Fi to all its members.


    At WeCreate members have an option for storing their personal items in our locker room. Lockers can be used for storage by all members.


    We believe a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. WeCreate provides complimentary Organic Beverages to all our members and visiting member guests.

  • MAIL

    WeCreate offices can be used as registered office address for Member, who can receive and send mail under their company name.



405 Gamma, Sigma Soft Tech Park,
Whitefield Main Road, Ramanagondanhalli,
Bangalore 560066